About Us

Now, more than ever, businesses require advocacy, diligence and expertise in dealing with cloud solutions, voice, data, wireless carriers, and Carriers and Clients have significantly reduced their IT Support and Customer Care organizations in the current economic climate, which creates an even greater need for Client Advocacy.  Hoplite Solutions’ expertise and commitment to Customer Advocacy will have an immediate impact on technology, cost effectiveness and data security.

Hoplite Solutions begins partnering with clients by thoroughly assembling a complete and holistic overview of a Client’s current Voice, Data, CPE, Enterprise Agreements, and Wireless Environments. This enables Hoplite to understand where the Client’s pain points are and what they would like to achieve relative to their Telecommunications and Data needs, as well as Cloud Resources for both the present and for future needs.

Hoplite’s extensive offering of Top Tier carriers and effective Cloud Solutions, affords our Clients tremendous product flexibility, which allows for a customized solution. This solution will be designed to address Footprint, Functionality, scalability and pricing specific to each of our Clients.

Our Pledge of ongoing Stewardship and Client Advocacy allow our Clients to focus on their core business knowing that they have a partner that will deliver for them for the long term.

John Mesogitis