Cloud Solutions

Hoplite Solutions has your answer to the question, “Where do we go next”?  The answer is, The Cloud.  We have a broad spectrum of solutions to put your business in the Cloud.  From simple storage and backup solutions, to complete Enterprise Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Security, AWS, Azure, and so much more, to help your business succeed.

Office 365

In addition to our Cloud solutions, we also offer comprehensive solutions to your Microsoft Office needs.  Hoplite Solutions can review your Enterprise Agreement with your current software provider and deliver excellent cost savings and value add services that optimize licensing costs utilizing a consumption-based model, which allows you flexibility on your license needs monthly, instead of once over the life of your contract.

Call Center Solutions

Telephones are still a top staple in today’s business world.  But how can you easily manage your call center, or sales team’s phone efforts?  Hoplite Solutions has Contact Center offerings to help make your call center more efficient and productive with this.  Contact Center is hosted in the cloud, so there is little overhead on your telecom or IT department.  Ease of use is utilized through a web portal where you can easily configure Contact Center to be the best it can be for your business.

Network and Service(s) Evaluation

The first step in beginning the consultative process with prospective clients is to conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of all network and communications services. All elements of a client’s communications platform by assembling such information as; Network diagrams, usage statistics, traffic patterns, invoicing, contractual documents, CPE agreements and any other information germaine to communications evaluation.

Contract and Pricing Negotiation

Upon completion of the network analysis, Hoplite Solutions will offer specific recommendations to the Client based upon the findings of the assembled data. These recommendations will be offered after careful analysis and scrutiny of the Client’s needs both from the standpoint of technology and geographic footprint. Hoplite will negotiate optimal contractual and pricing elements with the carrier(s) selected.

Project Management Services

Hoplite spearheads project installations with the selected carriers and sees the initial installation process through to completion as part of our service. Hoplite can also be retained for ongoing projects serving as the lead or liaison between Clients and carriers.

Consulting Services

Hoplite Solutions offers consulting services for contract management , Invoice Auditing and service inventory of all carriers utilized by the Client. A dedicated and secure portal is custom designed for each client that will serve as a repository for inventory, contract dates and all related Client information. These services are priced on an individual case basis according to the scope and type of services required by the client. A SOW will be generated for each project assigned.